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criminal (SYN.)  unlawful, crook, gangster, outlaw, illegal, convict, delinquent, offender, malefactor, culprit, felonious, felon, transgressor.

trade n.  business or occupation; skilled labor; a craft; an instance of selling or buying.

criminal trade n.  an unfortunate fusion of definitions 1 and 2; a force to be reckoned with; the target of detectives Gerard and Brady; an endangered culture. 

Tools of the Trade




 "Character is king."

          I forget who said it first but he must have been a writer.  It's great when a character I've created comes to life on the page and takes over, telling me where the story is going to go.   These fictitious people typically don't leave me alone when the story ends.  They're the ones that demand to come back.  And who am I to argue with them?

          Check out the pages for my two favorite series characters.  (Links Below)  They're both detectives but the worlds they live in couldn't be more different.  I hope you enjoy reading their exploits as much as I enjoy writing them.

motive (SYN.)  inducement, purpose, cause, incentive, reason, incitement




Get serious...

Click the buttons below and meet mystery series characters John Gerard and Nelson Brady.


John Gerard 


Nelson Brady


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